Legendary blue bird pokemon

Balloon Fighter Alice (Balloon Kid) Samm Balloon Man Bird Men Oiram Repus Giant Bubble Flipper Spark Balloon Fish Whacka Whacka wolf Chow Chow the Alligator Flicky Frog Rash Pimple Zitz Princess Angelica Professor T. Bird The Dark Queen Big Blab Robo Manus General Slaughter legendary birds. celbi. lugia. FieroGTX, Pokeman9 and 27 others like this. big-fat-meanie wow there is so much legendary pokemon I thought there was about 9 but there ... Stock up on Ultra Balls and make sure one of your Pokemon has Fly, Surf, Dive and Waterfall. This event records the number of steps you take, and if you take too long, the Pokemon will move from its location. This quest opens once you have beaten the Elite Four. Head to the Weather Institute on Route 119. The stunning Ice/Flying Pokemon and first of the legendary bird trio, Articuno appears at the bottom of Seafoam Islands after a rigorous rock-moving puzzle involving Strength and Surf. Like Snorlax and the other legendaries the ball will sometimes miss if it is of inferior quality so always use Ultra Balls if you can help it.