How to text on a lg flip phone

Jun 16, 2017 · LG's Exalt LTE is Verizon's first LTE-only flip phone. When all you want is to make voice calls, this phone can provide HD Voice between compatible phones and Wi-Fi calling when cellular signal is ... Mar 29, 2019 · Send a picture or video if you want to. Select the Camera icon to the left of the message field on an Apple product, or select "Send Picture" under your messaging options on another phone to send a picture message. You can either select a photo that you've already taken on your phone, or take a new photo to send. With many LG phones, such as the popular LG Shine, you are given the calling option of blocking certain numbers from contacting your phone. With a few changes of your phone's settings, you can avoid annoying telemarketers, angry ex-boyfriends or friends and family who call too often. Device features. Up to 10 days of stand-by time. 5 MP camera. 2.13 in width x 4.44 in height. Big screen, clear views. Exalt LTE unfolds to reveal a spacious, colorful 3.0-inch screen, one of the biggest available in any flip phone. A bigger screen makes it easier to read text, browse, or view pictures. Flip phone texting I know I'm a bit of a caveman in that I have a flip phone and want to keep having a flip phone, but is there a flip phone which has the ability to display text messages as conversations, instead of just one by one??