D d ratio shackle

*Strengths are based on minimum D/d ratio of 2.5 between the Bend Diameter and the Base Rope Nominal Diameter. Use of Link-it below a D/d ratio of 2.5 is not recommended by Samson. Specifications only apply to Samson-manufactured Link-It soft shackles. Samson provides Link-It soft shackles with a durable tag. Based on above graph, if the shackle or object has 2 times the diameter of a wire rope sling (D/d = 2) the basket sling capacity must be reduced by 35 % as shown below. To increase d/d ratio and sling capacity, use wide body shackle. If D/d ratio is 5 after using wide body shackle, sling capacity shall be reduced by about 20 %. The new shackle enables its users to save up to 20% on synthetic- and wire rope costs thanks to its unique design (for which a patent is pending). It has an optimal D/d ratio and the widest crown (+10%) in the industry. Each shackle has been individually proofload tested to twice the Working Load Limit; more than any other competing product. Created Date: 9/26/2013 3:28:48 PM Small diameter shackles reduce the sling strength and, most likely, that small diameter shackle also has insufficient capacity for that job. Shackle or not, objects to be lifted and all hook up points must at least ensure a D/d Ratio of 5:1. Proper D/d ratio for the sling capacity.