Neptune apex bundle

Don't Kill Your Corals with Light! Watch this unboxing of the Neptune Systems PMK In this episode: I open a box The PMK gets wet I mess up my AP700 settings I don't mess up my Aquatic Life T5s I ...And while the Apex has been out for years, we wanted to create a more affordable, entry-level model for our customers - this is the ApexEL. The ApexEL makes keeping your aquarium easier while also monitoring key parameters such as temperature, pH, and the health of your connected equipment, for under $500*Neptune Systems APEX Bundle. You've probably figured out by now that people who are enthusiasts for reef tanks tend to be control freaks when it comes to keeping their tanks in top shape. This is why any reefer you ask will tell you that the Neptune Systems APEX Bundle is just about the best gift you could give for Christmas. This gift is ...48" - 60" IC LOOP PRO Dual LED Marine Complete System - Current USA $979.82 LOOP Marine Bundle Systems Bundled kit includes lights, wave pumps & DC pumps, offering an incredible value.