Xero api sdk

Xero API through an SOCKS Proxy; Xero API through an SSH Tunnel; Xero Get Employees (Payroll API Australia) Xero Get Individual Employee Details (Payroll API Australia) Xero Add a Payroll Timesheet with Lines; Xero Create a Folder (Files API) Xero Get Folders (Files API) Xero Upload File (Files API) Xero Get File Content (Files API) Xero Delete ... Xero Developer Community All community topics Getting Started Wrapper libraries API Endpoints Find a Developer Add-ons API Authentication Partner Program The API & developer partner programs for Xero - beautiful business. developer.xero.com. The WorkflowMax API is organised around RESTful principles - each resource has a unique URI and HTTP verbs are used to specify the action to perform on that resource. In order to write or modify a client application for WorkflowMax, you should use a full-featured HTTP client library that supports the HTTP verbs: GET POST, PUT and DELETE. Aug 24, 2018 · API integration in CUBA with Xero. In this blog post we will discover how to integrate with a SaaS software solution like Xero. For those kinds of integrations, there are two main ways to achieve it - API and SDK based.