Ping pong ball shooter robot

Oct 01, 2017 · It is really designed for families, children or players that are just getting started in the game and really want to develop their basic shots.It is a compact neat little table tennis robot that sits on top of the table, it has a bucket for balls, a ball funnel thrower to feed the ping-pong balls to the robot head. Some quality ping pong ball launchers like the Robopong table tennis robot machines include the robo pong 2050, 2040, Newgy, 540, 1040, Mouse Trap and other dispensers. There are even more complex ball launchers that allow you to vary the spin. May 08, 2015 · The goal behind the EV3 Projectile Launcher is to provide students with a way to explore projectile motion by creating a LEGO EV3 robot to generate it. After creating the launch structure, students will need to derive a relationship between EV3 motor power, and the distance a ball is launched. Robot for learning and practicing table tennis without a partner featuring a wireless remote and digital display for easy control settings Adjustable features: ball frequency, side-to-side oscillation, topspin speed and backspin speed Holds over 100 balls; Shoots balls at an adjustable frequency (30 to 70 balls per minute)