Sub gotra of kashyap

Though Vishwamitra himself was a Kashyap Vanshi, therefore Kaushik or Kushik were also Kashyap Vanshis. We have given the details of Kashyap dynasty above. Kushik was the grandfather of Vishwamitra. Chavan's descendant Ruchik married the daughter of Kushik's son Gaadhi from whom Jamadagni was born. Following are the mail origins who are responsible of Gotras. Directly or indirectly every brahmin is a DESCENDANT of all these rishis.But they have diffrent sub gotras of them ehich is spilled due to wedding porposes.Brahmin community is having aroung 50 gotras which is related to these rishis. The naming practice in the Rajbanshi society is interesting. The child is named after the nature, events, months, days, time, seasons, cultural and social events and names of objects, birds and animals. Imitating the hills people, they also name a child on the basis of the names of gods and goddesses. Here we provided you the list of Gotra and Kuldevi of Audichya Brahmin Samaj. However, this information has been obtained from reliable sources, but if there is any mistake in this list or you want to give some information about Sahastra Audichya Brahmin Samaj then your suggestions and ideas are invited in the comment box. If there is any violation of community norms, a meeting is held in the temple courtyard and corrective measures decided upon. In Rajasthan, a number of similar communities, including the Kahar, have formed an umbrella organisation called Kashyap Nishad Samaj to form a united front for their welfare and progress. Vaishya Matrimonial; Vaishyas, belongs to one of the four Varnas of the Hindu religion, which has played an eminent role in the evolution of trading concepts and capitalism in India. Vaishyas are divided into various sub- castes like Aggarwal, Khandelwal, Mathur, Arora, Lohana, Varshneys Arya Vysyas, Ambanis, Oswals, etc.